Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blogger Beats Typo

Blogger: Beyond the Basics: Customize and promote your blog with original templates, analytics, advertising, and SEO (From Technologies to Solutions)So I set out to create a blog for my website and spent some considerable time looking at possible options. Most of my development is done in Ruby these days, so I wanted to stick with a Ruby package if possible. These were my finalists:
  • Radiant CMS:  not a pure blogging solution, but a full-featured, extensible CMS with blogging modules.  It would allow me to add new functionality to my programmer-heart's delight.
  • Typo:  the oldest, tried-and-true Ruby blogging system out there.  This heavyweight is a non-nonsense blogging machine.
  • Mephisto:  a leaner blogging app than Typo, but still with nice features.
And the winner is...

Typo --  at least it seemed.  I used the typo gem to install my blog.  Added database permissions and began configuring things.  I edited the default Hello World post that was auto-created.  I was on my way until I created my first new post.  No visual errors appeared, but the posts were not being saved.  What could be going on?

I often enjoy a good troubleshooting session, but not this time around.  I had 3 blogs needing to be setup (for various sites) and I didn't want to deal with these issues.  I decided to try out Google's hosted Blogger and the rest is history!

Although there is no Markdown, Textile, or other markup suppport, it does include a WYSIWYG editor with full html tags.  Here's some other benefits:
  • use your own domain for free (or subdomain as I have done with this blog)
  • fully customizable layout
  • API for programmatic access
  • 3 minute setup of a new blog
  • Google handles everything for you (1 less component to manage)
  • did I mention it was free?

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